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Need a loan by phone?

Loans By Phone In 1 Hour

“It’s a new concept in finance, treat your customers right!” No matter what your credit score is now we’ll help you!

Our goal is to create a full financial rescue plan that starts with a large loan but won’t end there.

No credit check guaranteed approval loans

We provide funding and forethought.

Getting you the cash you need today and then helping you plan for a better financial future.

Read your contracts (They’re Great)

We’re proud of our terms and conditions. We have the highest loan approval rates and best terms of any instant online direct loan option.

Very Large Loans Unsecured

We think large long term loans are the best loan solution for most people. $5,000,- $20,000, over a 2 year long to 5 year loan term at a low interest rate is our most popular option.

Financial Solutions (Not Problems)

We offer full service financial recovery with planned repayment and ongoing financial support if you run into more problems or need more help along the way. Financial assistance and emergency loans also available short term.

When it comes to 1 Call Loans No credit check ever determines how we treat our clients. Which is why we offer instant approval loans and financial advice to help you even after your loan approval guaranteed.





$2.5 Mil


Direct Lender With 100% Guaranteed Loan Approval Advice and Financial Help.

We actually help our customers even if they have no credit checks, no job, no income verification, we’re here to help no matter what. We help you with a long term plan to get you back on your feet and in a good financial position even if your unemployed or on disability. Whether that means larger loans today or helping you invest for tomorrow. Our no collateral completely unsecured low APR loan solutions are customized to help.

When you really help your customers, they come back. So once we give financial assistance and help someone in desperate need get into a better life position, we have a client for life. If your ever in trouble again all it takes is just 1 Call Loans.

We build relationships for life. So what your credit score is now or your current financial position isn’t all that important. That will fluctuate and change over the course of our relationship. A loan can often help improve your credit. We’ll be there with loans to help when no one else will and we’ll make it easy every step, all the way to retirement.

We have all types of loan options specifically to help everyone in every situation as best we can. We give you the money today, then we give you the advice and guidance to make it work for you tomorrow.

We’re a one stop financial center, Aimed at helping clients improve their whole financial picture. Our relationships may start with an emergency loan because your unemployed or have no credit and no one else will give you a loan. Then over time as we help your financial picture, We may end up helping you secure investments or plan for retirement.


Credit Score Avg





Get custom loans when you need them.

We’re your life long finance partner. Everyone has trouble now and then. We help you through the trouble and become your financial help center for life.

Loans may help improve credit score

Loans have best rates and terms, to set you up for a better financial future

Compare your rates and terms to another direct lender, and see why people love 1 Call Loans

Full Financial Picture

Get more loans when you need them or investment advice and plans for the future. Whether its a crisis loan for an emergency, quick payday loan, or an installment loan for a down payment on your first home.

We come in at tough financial times and actually help, then when it’s time to invest you’ll remember who had your best interests in mind.
A banking relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Get your instant loan today with our quick 2 minute application. Then get our help anytime you need it later and use our advice to make sure the money you get today changes your life for the better, not just becomes debt.

No credit check guaranteed approval loans

Applying for a loan by phone has never been easier. In this day and age, people are scaling back on going to traditional lenders and banks for their financial needs. They want something fast, simple, and trustworthy. 1 Call Loans is just the place to receive a loan by phone!

Traditional banks will have you in their office for hours filling out applications after applications. Other lenders will do the same thing, with even less explanation! 1 Call Loans isn’t like their competitors, however. Our website contains one streamlined application that you can finish in minutes. After that, you can be connected with a direct lender almost immediately. You could receive loans by phone in 1 hour!

If you’d rather not apply online, you can easily contact our company by phone number. You can now apply for a loan by phone with a cash payment by the next business day. Not many places can offer that kind of fast financial aid. Now is your chance to get financial relief, apply now!

How to get loans by phone?

Many lenders and banks will have you believe that there is no other way to take out a loan than by meeting in person and signing countless forms. Don’t let them fool you! 1 Call Loans is your last stop in finding a customized loan with a payment plan you can actually afford.

If you would like to apply for loan by phone, just simply visit our website to find our phone number. Once you call, you can verbally fill out your information and discuss your monthly plan and interest rates. We also offer 1 hour loans by phone; we are one of the fastest lenders in the business!

Don’t take our word for it though; if you visit our website, you will be connected to testimonials from actual clients who have taken out loans. Here is one of their stories:

…I had been searching for a loan for days now. I needed to get a loan as soon as possible. I finally typed “installment loans by phone” and 1 Call Loans appeared! I contacted them and was offered a… Read more of Sasha Abbott’s testimonial below.

Without 1 Call Loans, Sasha may never have been able to find the customized loan she needed. The best part is that she was actually able to afford her loan! So many lenders request high interest rates and unaffordable monthly payments. With 1 Call Loans, you can receive a plan that best fits your monthly budget.

1 hour payday loans by phone

Have you ever been in need of just a short-term loan to carry you over to your next paycheck? Imagine you are just days behind your next paycheck, but rent is due tomorrow. No one you know has the cash on them to support you; what are you going to do?

You try calling different banks, but they all tell you the same thing. You’d have to schedule an appointment within the week and discuss your options, with a credit check and all. You even consider a loan shark, but their interest rates and payments are entirely unreasonable and are something you cannot afford. You just want to get a payday loan by phone; why is it so hard?

Don’t waste your time trying the traditional routes for a loan! 1 Call Loans can grant you payday loans by phone no credit check required! You can have a cash loan within an hour. With our customizable plans, you are almost guaranteed to receive a loan that you can actually afford! Take Kevin Dunn’s story for instance:

… I had no idea how I was going to be able to pay for my bills on time. I just needed a little extra cash before I got my next paycheck. A friend of mine told me to try searching online for something like that. I typed in “payday loan by phone same day” and was connected with 1 Call Loans. They… Read more of Kevin Dunn’s testimonial below.

Taking out a loan shouldn’t be a hassle! There are so many traditional routes to take when asking for a loan, but they are either too sluggish or demand overwhelming interest rates and payments. That’s not the case at 1 Call Loans! Apply for a loan by phone and get connected to a direct lender almost instantly. They will help you get familiarized with your loan and formulate the best plan that fits your budget.

Don’t wait until you’re forced to take a loan from someone else! Apply now and get a risk free look at your personal interest rate and payment plan at 1 Call Loans.

What if my credit is bad? Can I still get a payday loan over the phone?

The answer is yes! Our company does not require a credit check to receive a payday loan, or any type of loan at that. We offer no credit check payday loans by phone all the time! No matter your financial background or reason for a loan, you are almost guaranteed a loan from our company.

The best part is that you can apply fast! You can apply for payday loan by phone and receive an offer within an hour. There’s no more need to spend hours in a bank signing paperwork to get a loan. Choose the modern route with 1 Call Loans.

Many have told themselves, “I can’t get a loan because my credit is too low!” That’s what traditional lenders and banks want you to believe to stick you with hidden payments and fees! 1 Call Loans can get you the money you need fast! Just read what Todd Welch had to say:

… I couldn’t believe I kept getting rejected! Where would I be able to go to apply for a payday loan by phone and get through the week? That’s when I saw an ad for 1 Call Loans and immediately called them. It was… -Todd

If you are looking for 1 hour payday loans by phone, you’ve found the right place with 1 Call Loans. In as little as an hour, you can receive a loan with a payment plan that works best for you! Our direct lenders will connect with you to help customize your loan length, terms, and interest rates risk free! You can create a plan that best fits your monthly budget fast! There’s no need to get hounded by traditional lenders, or worse yet, receive a horrible rate with a loan shark.

Your best option for an affordable loan is 1 Call Loans. We offer payday loans by phone 24 hours a day; simply give us a call! There’s no risk in applying and getting offered a loan with us; we don’t want you to accept anything you are not comfortable with or cannot afford.


  • How can I apply for loan by phone?
    A: You can simply visit our website and call with the number online. After filling out a short application, you will be offered a loan that you can review in detail. 1 Call Loans is dedicated to providing clients the option of customizing their loan plan in detail, including their loan length, interest rate, and loan terms.
  • How can I get a loan in an hour?
    A: Our application process has been designed to make taking out a loan fast and simple. You can ask for payday loans by phone and get immediate assistance; there’s no lengthy documents or process for you to struggle with.
  • Is there a way to get a loan with no credit check?
    A: Of course! Our company does not require a credit check in order to be eligible for a loan. In fact, you also need no proof of employment to apply! Taking out a loan has never been easier with 1 Call Loans.
Loan By Phone Testimonial of Sasha Abbott
I am a college student aiming for graduate school afterwards. My third year at school, the scholarship I was awarded to pay for school was taken away from me. I started to panic; I had no idea where I’d get the money to afford the semester.

Growing up in a single family home helped prepare me for the fact I couldn’t rely on my parents to help pay for school. I knew that if I even asked my mother, she’d tell me to just go home and get a job. I was stuck.

I went to a few banks asking for a loan. They all told me that without a cosigner, I wouldn’t be able to take out a loan. So I decided to try some independent loaning offices. What they offered me was just way out of my budget; the interest rates and payments had my head spinning!

I had been searching for a loan for days now. I needed to get a loan as soon as possible to sign up for classes. I finally typed “installment loans by phone” and 1 Call Loans appeared! I contacted them and was offered a loan almost immediately!

It was amazing; I was able to go through all the details in my loan plan with the lender. None of the banks or lenders I visited before let me do that! I figured out which plan was right for me. I chose a long-term plan with an interest rate I could afford.

I can’t imagine going to any other lender for my loans. I recommend 1 Call Loans to all my friends! I plan on sharing my business with them for years.

Loan By Phone Testimonial of Kevin Dunn
It was the holiday season. I hadn’t really saved much to buy presents for my family and friends, but I figured I could afford it. I decided to make a list of all the people I would buy presents for.

That list was insanely long! Everyone had kids and the amount of cousins I have is no joke. I realized what kind of hot water I was in when I started finding out about the expensive gifts the kids wanted.

I started spending and buying gifts for my friends. Before I knew it, I had maxed my credit cards. And to top it off, I forgot I had to pay bills that month! I had no idea how I was going to be able to pay for my bills on time. I just needed a little extra cash before I got my next paycheck. A friend of mine told me to try searching online for something like that. I typed in “payday loan by phone same day” and was connected with 1 Call Loans. In under an hour, I was connected on the phone with a direct lender. 1 Call Loans saved me from financial ruin!

Loan By Phone Testimonial of Todd Welch
Im not the smartest guy when it comes to budgeting. I never saved up money for anything, and if I did I had to stash the cash somewhere I couldn’t find it.

I found out from my landlord that the rent would be raised. I definitely couldn’t afford it! I started going to banks to ask for a loan. They stopped me at every turn and wouldn’t offer me a loan.

I couldn’t believe I kept getting rejected! Where would I be able to go to apply for a payday loan by phone and get through the week? That’s when I saw an ad for 1 Call Loans and immediately called them. It was the best decision ive ever made! I was able to pay my rent and have some extra spending money too! Im definitely going to 1 Call Loans again if I need a loan.

These testimonials show just a few of the loyal clients that have visited our site. You can be the next! Simply apply online and receive a loan by phone within an hour! You wont regret it.