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Monthly Installment Payment Loans

You need a monthly installment payday loan now and the run of the mill payday loan just won’t do. Monthly Installment payment loans are a great option. You need a loan that gives you money fast but lets you pay it back slowly at a pace you can afford. You also want a low interest rate and good terms just something reasonable and fair right? That’s where installment payment loans come in.

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How the monthly installment loan payments work

Monthly installment payment loans are similar to other loan options however offer payments on installment basis. This means instead of paying off the large loan immediately like next week or within the month. You have the flexibility to make monthly installment payments thus the name. Loans with installment payments have become increasing popular over the last few years. This is because long term loans with installment payments as opposed short term loans are much easier on the consumer. Although, not as profitable for the lender; Good thing for you 1 Call loans believes it’s the customers pocket that’s more important. If you didn’t have pockets that needed filling we wouldn’t even be here now would we? Monthly installment payment loans options give you the ability to secure larger loans and pay them off in manageable bite size pieces.

Monthly Installment loan low interest rates

Monthly installment payment loans offer very competitive interest rates. I know the term “very competitive” means just about nothing in most situations which is why I hate using it because it’s one of those often meaningless concepts like a” good price”. It could mean just about anything and gives you no concrete idea of what you’re looking at as far as low interest installment payday loans. So let me try to put that into perspective for you. Payday loans and cash advances offer the highest rates of just about any finance product due to the short term and aggressive nature of that particular financial instrument.

The lowest interest rates outside of what your bank pays you on a savings account (Which is a loan you give them to invest with, but that’s a fight for another day) are usually found on a mortgage. However, a mortgage loan is a bit unfair of a comparison because it is collateralized.

Do monthly installment payment loans require collateral

Most I mean the great vast majority of installment payment loans require no collateral. You simply make your monthly installment payments. They expect your payment on an installment basis usually a monthly installment and have no legal recourse or piece of collateral to take if you don’t pay up.

Get to the point Installment payment loan interest rates!

Getting to the point, the longer a loan payment term is the lower the interest rate attached. This is in most cases and applies directly and proportionally to installment loan interest rates. Payday loans are short fast loans 1 to 2 weeks so they have sky high interest rates to compensate for the risk. Loans with an installment payment plan are more manageable and consumers are more likely to repay them. This allows installment lenders to give much more favorable installment loan interest rates because its stretched over a much longer term. Don’t worry though loans on an installment basis are also fast loans funding usually within an hour and most always intraday or at worst under 24hours.

How to get approved for this type of long term loans

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