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Big Thinker

Primary Scholarship

The $5,000 primary scholarship is awarded 3 times annually. However, we often receive mulitple great applications in a single addmisions period so multiple primary awards may be granted in a single term. 

Secondary Awards:

Many times a portion of an aplication will warrant a reward but not a primary scholarship. Therefore, other runner up and honorary mention scholarships are awarded on a merit basis ranging from $500-$2,500.

Additonal Benefits

All primary award recipients and some others with outstanding applications may receive scholarship, ambassadorship, or internship opportunities in addition to the primary scholarship opportunity. If one or many parts of your application impress or standout custom financial opportunities may be offered. All opportunities financial or otherwise are voluntary and non-binding.

Our Mission


In an effort to expand our philanthropic and charitable endeavors. We have embarked on a commitment to ensuring the best and brightest are financialy able to complete their education. We also offer employment and internship opportunities to winners and applicants of merit. Allowing us to not only foster the youth through their academic journey but identify unique talent and employ rising stars on their way to greatness.

The Big Thinker Initiative

The big thinker initiative is a way to identify students with new ideas and fresh perspectives and award those ideas. We want students who have fresh and innovative approaches to doing business and new ideas for developing and marketing within emergening markets, underserved markets, or ideas and opportunites yet to be discovered.

Deadlines for Application


30 st
Application deadline


1 th
Application deadline


25 st
Application Deadline

Follow The GuideLINES
Then Go Above And Beyond

How to

Primary $5,000 scholarship and $2,500 secondary scholarship guidelines

Multiple merit awards based awards for unique or outstanding parts of applications are also donated tri-annually ont the same dates ranging from $500 – $2,500

  • GPA of 2.5 & 3.25 respectively
  • Relevant Application Essay
  • Completed Promotional Concept
  • Original Big Idea Relating To Our Market


A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required for secondary awards from $500-$2500. However, a GPA of 3.25 or higher is required for the primary award of $5,000


All applicants must submit an idea for furthering our companies goals. Prefferably a marketing idea on how to reach underserved or yet undiscovered markets online. An example of you executing this idea for proof of concept is the best way to win.


Applicant's who share our site are always preffered and encouraged. Especially if that way is original or very effective please notate in your application


We require one essay with a minimum of 750 words, however the longer and more in depth the article the better. The article must relate to a specific short term loans subject and be completely original. Plagerism of any kind is not permitted. You may research a topic but NEVER copy and paste and part or portion.

How to Win !


Primary Scholarship

We’ve noticed most applicants do the minimum to apply. So we’ve instituted a system to reward those who put in additional efforts and show additional promise beyond a singular winner. Multiple applicants can win the primary $5000 scholarship in a single session and if you truly excel in any portion of your application you will be financially awarded even if you do not win a primary or seconday scholarship

Secondary Scholarship

Even though we award multiple primary scholarships 3 times per year we often find that although sometimes a student may not meet the guidesline for a full scholarship. They are still extradonirary, this usually happens when an essay is below standards but they succesfully execute a marketing or promotional idea or concept on their own.

Merit Awards

Sometimes as a whole an application will not meet quality guidelines but a candidate will go above and beyond in another way. Either with an amazing viral video, spectacular idea, social sharing efforts, or just showing that they have gone beyond the guidelines in an effort to further our companies goals and have impressed. These merit awards range from $500 – $2,500 and are based on a specific action taken as part of the application and consideration process.

Miranda - Scholarship Winner
Miranda, L - Santa Fe College - Gainesville, Florida

Previous WINNER

Why They Won...

  • Strong Essay: Her essay was about specific related topic
  • Sharing: She shared our site on new social channels
  • Big Idea: Her big idea was focused on guerilla marketing 
  • Promo Idea: She personally performed her new marketing concept, so we could see it in action and it’s efficacy
Essay Quality
Idea Quality
  • Essay Was Long, Detailed, And Completely Original
  • Succefully Executed An Example Of Promotional Idea
  • Her Big Idea Was Shown To Be Effective
  • Took Further Steps To Go Above & Beyond The Guidelines
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