Bad credit installment loans

You have bad credit but you still need an installment loan. Common loans for poor credit like payday loans and cash advances are either to high interest, to short term, or don’t provide enough funds for your purpose or all three. So, you may have made a few money mistakes in the past why does that mean you never get another chance? Most companies want to penalize you and charge exorbitant fees and provide repayment terms that set you up to fail. This is so they can just charge you more and more fees for being late, more interest, etc. This is not fair and it is in our humble opinion predatory lending. You need the cash fast but don’t want to make another mistake or fall into a loan trap and make matters worse.

You want a solution not another problem right? A way to get a large enough loan with a fair interest rate and have enough time to pay it back, even with bad credit!

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How are bad credit installment loans different ?

Installment loans for bad credit differ in a multitude of factors actually, bad credit installment loans are specifically targeted and developed for individuals with poor credit. They offer a solution to your financial woes while simultaneously allowing you to improve your credit. Bad credit installment loans provide longer terms usually over a year. This allows you to repay your loan in a timely manner without the burden simply being rescheduled to next month. Shorter term loans are often an interest and fee trap that’s why many people take out these long term installment loans to repay short term loans. They provide substantially better interest rates and more suitable terms to the client.

Will a bad credit installment loan affect my credit ?

Yes, but now in the way you would assume!

installment loans can improve your credit significantly if chosen and used correctly. Long terms loans report more readily to you actual credit report. Short term option usually are marked on separate credit monitoring and credit score tracking bureaus that will not improve your overall score. These bureaus are specifically for short term lenders and similar lenders to review. This will not help improve your credit the way you want Most credit and loan products will not even begin reporting to your actual credit report until 6 months of successful payment. Other options are usually not long enough to affect your actual credit report.

Bad credit installment loans on the other hand are often specifically crafted for persons in your situation . The longer term makes it easier to repay the loan by reducing your monthly payment thus reducing the chance of a late of missed payment. The length above 6 months means the successful repayment will help your credit. Longer loans also have lower interest rates which means you get the same loan but pay significantly less interest and have more time to pay it off. Not only that but you will also be eligible for larger loans with the same credit history because of the longer terms. This is especially true for the installment lenders for people with bad credit. Bad credit installment loan lenders are also more likely to be flexible with late payments, partial payments, or non payment. Installment loan lenders in this market will often assist you in any way possible to help you complete the loan. Then any loan afterwards will often have even lower rates, better terms and conditions, and larger loan amounts will be available to you.

Iam convinced, how can I get this type of installment loan?

Apply for a Bad credit installment loan now >

Use the simple application on the upper right corner of the page to apply for a bad credit installment loan specifically. Then follow any personalized instructions afterwards. You will receive only 1 welcome email from the personal loan specialist we assign you. That’s your lifeline to us so make sure you don’t miss it!

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