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12 Month Loans Lenders who have Your Best Interests


Finding 12 month loans lenders can be quite difficult, especially if you come from a financially compromised background. Not many loaning companies provide 12 month financing for anything less than a large bulk of money, and some places want to be able to charge you staggeringly large APRs, which can’t really be done that effectively with a 12 month loan. Even further, they want to penalize you for not making payments, and you don’t need that kind of additional stress in your life when you are trying to get lucrative with your money.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you can’t get a 12 month payout loan, because they are so hard to come by. That’s why 1 Call Loans is here to help! We offer 100% free 1-on-1 personal service with live people to get you hooked up with the 12 month money loan you need. We’ll get you the loan you deserve fast! Our 12 month quick loans are the best kind of loans for people who do not want to spend much time in the clutches of an arduous and drawn-out loaning application process. 1 Call Loans gets you your twelve month loan in 1 hour, and, better yet, we make the process easier for you than saying, “I need to take out a 12 month loan today!”

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Why can’t I find any 12 month loans lenders?

There’s a few reasons why you have a hard time finding a 12 month loan lender who will accept your loaning application: for starters, 12 month loans  lenders usually charge lower interest rates. Let us explain some general guidelines for the finance industry: the longer the loan, the lower the rate! That’s why your monthly credit card interest rate is higher than your 4 year auto loan. This is also why your 4 year auto loan has a higher rate than your 40 year home mortgage. Lenders who offer financing over a longer period can charge lower rates, because of the accumulated long-term rewards. This is because they collect interest over a longer period.


However because of these decreased interest rates and their agreeable terms, they may not have the additional capital for the advertising that more aggressive, short-term lenders do, so you won’t find radio or television ads for the best lenders available to you, because they have a slow-and steady client base and don’t really use the throat-and-dagger methods of advertising fast payment loans have. You want to find a loaning company which accepts your applications for a twelve month loan, though, because you need loaning money now, but you don’t have the finances to pay it back right away.


That’s exactly why companies like us exist. We keep our finger on the pulse of the financing industry so you can get the loan you need at low interest rates without applying all around town. We are the place you can stop to finally have the money you need to get to where you want to go. There is really no reason why you should not sign up for a loaning program with us. Simply apply to your right and we’ll match you with your best options instantly!

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Are there 12 month loans for people with bad credit?

The answer to if people with bad credit can take out 12 month low monthly payment loans is an emphatic and resounding YES!, Long-term loans are actually perfect for people with bad credit, because they give the client more time to pay off a smaller monthly sum. We know that the payments are completely doable even for people with bad credit, so 1 Call Loans trusts them with those assets.

We know that you are not made of money, and you need a low monthly payment even with your bad credit. When you take out a loan under us you get exactly what you want, a feasible way to pay each month, as well as the money you need to get you through it all right now.

We want to give you adequate time to pay off your loans, and that’s why we give you a long-term 12 month loan instead of a short term loan. Short-term loans are hard to pay back! Long term loans are easier, thus even people with lower incomes and high monthly expenses can easily pay them off. This means a smaller percentage of people defaulting on their loans, which mean less risk for the lender, further leading to higher approval rates and lower interest rates.

Why get a 12 month loan with bad credit?

12 month loans have an added benefit over short term loans – you can build a positive payment history with next-to-no cost to yourself. What this means for you, is your bad credit can turn into good credit by taking out a 12 month loan no credit check under us. We can give you that reliability boost you need to get out of the negative range of credit you have lamented over for a large portion of your financially independent life.

A 12 month loan is actually perfect for someone with bad credit.

Each month you pay your bills under a twelve month loan is 1 step closer to getting good credit, and since building a positive credit rating takes time, a long-term cash loan is just the antidote for your slumped score. Don’t wait to bring your credit score to a healthy level under our umbrella! Sign up to the left and discover the extent of our twelve month loaning programs and what they can do for you as a client. You could have your 12 month loan in an hour or less! Get your 12 month loan money today and stop worrying about where you are going to get the financing to handle your expected expenses!