12 month loans lenders

Finding 12 month loans lenders can be quite difficult! That’s why 1 Call Loans is here to help we offer 100% free 1 on 1 personal service with live people. We’ll get you the loan you need fast and make the process easy!

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Why can’t I find any 12 month loans lenders?

There’s a few reasons for this, for starters 12 month loans lenders usually charge lower interest rates. First of all let me explain some general guidelines for the finance industry. The longer the loan the lower the rate is a good general rule of thumb. That’s why you monthly credit card interest rate is higher than your 4 year auto loan. This is also why your 4 year auto loan has a higher rate than your 40 year home mortgage. Lenders who offer financing over a longer period can charge lower rates. This is because they collect interest over a longer period. However because of these decreased interest rates and there agreeable terms they may not have the additional capital for advertising more aggressive short term lenders do. So you won’t find radio or television ads for the best lenders available to you. That’s exactly why companies like us exist. We keep our finger on the pulse of the finance industry so you can get the loan you need at low interest rates without applying all around town. Simply apply to your right and we’ll match you with your best option!

Are there 12 month loans lenders available for people with bad credit?

Yes, short term loans are hard to pay back! Long term loans are easier thus even people with lower incomes and high monthly expenses can easily pay them off. This means a smaller percentage of people defaulting on their loans, which mean less risk for the lender, which higher approval rates and lower interest rates.

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