1 Year Installment Loan

Cash advances and pay day loans offer far to short of a period to repay them. That’s why we are here to help you find the 1 year installment loan you’re looking for. We cross reference your personal loan 1 year loan options and ignore your credit situation. The are no credit check loan options available to you to find yourself the loan you need no matter what. That way you can find the installment loan you’re looking for and still review all the interest rates available.

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What if I have bad credit can I still get a 1 year installment loan?

That’s fine! fairly often it can be easier to get a 1 year installment loan than payday loans or cash advances. People with low and poor credit score often look to this option to get the money they need and still get a low interest rate. This is because 1 year installment loans are usually easier to pay back because the term is so much longer. This means even people with a low income or fixed income can pay them back comfortably. That’s why this loan option is so important to consider during your loan search.

Are there any down sides to a 1 year installment loan?

Well the term is really long therefore even at extremely low rate you pay a good bit of interest over the full year you have the money out.

What if I want to avoid paying allot of interest.

What I always suggest is go for the 1 year installment loan or 2 year installment loan and just pay it off early. A good one year loan has no prepayment penalties. So get your loan, take advantage of the longer terms lower interest rates, and here’s the trick… Pay it off early they can only charge you interest on the time that you have the money in your possession. So if you pay it back in 6 months you pay half the interest and still have the flexibility to make a small payment on a month that’s tough financially.

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