Holiday Loans

The holidays are finally here and you’re beginning to go through all those memories of what everyone wanted so badly over this past year. If you’re a good gift giver you know creating the perfect ambiance and making the perfect gift surprises is not easy. It takes money some smarts and a little bit of creativity to make the perfect holiday experience. But we still go out of our way for the holidays because it’s worth it. If you’re looking for holiday loans this year we have cash loan options that can put some ease on your wallet and mind. We offer Holiday loans for bad credit, as well as holiday loans with no credit check. We make getting a cash loan easy for you because we understand and love the holidays as much as you do. Apply now for your easy holiday loans this year and get approved in minutes with the support you need to make this year as memorable as the last.

Apply now for your holiday loans and be approved for the cash you need to make this years festivities perfectly unexpected

Applying for our Holiday loans is easy

While applying for our holiday loans you will be amazed at how easy it is to get quick cash. Our 2 minute one-time application is online and it’s easy to complete. We get back to our customers during the holidays in under an hour with their loan approval and within minutes of their approval you’ll receive your holiday cash. No faxing your information or waiting for your loan response in the mail. Your Holiday loans for bad credit are immediately responded to so you can begin your gift hunting and party planning now. It’s easy our holiday loans are no credit check required also so you can receive your cash without ever having to fuss with unnecessary requirements. Apply today and be approved in minutes for your holiday cash.

Who can apply for our holiday loans?

With our no credit check Holiday loans we aren’t looking for a specific client. We are looking for holiday loans that are accommodating to the customers that come to us this holiday season. If you have little or no credit or have accumulated some debt over the year that’s okay. We can provide you with cash loans this holiday season no matter who you are. All it takes to get approved is applying and you’ll have your cash loan in your account within an hour of your submitted application. With our help let the holiday festivities begin bright and early this year.

Low interest rates and paying back your holiday loans next year

Don’t want to pay back your holiday loans for bad credit until 2014? That can be arranged. Our cash loans this holiday season have you in mind so we don’t expect you to be paying us back until the holidays die down. Once the new year rolls in and all of your New Year resolutions are set we will have a payback plan you can use to guide you through your payback period. This payback plan for your holiday loans for 2013 is easy and helpful with keeping you in check with your finances. With our low flexible monthly payments and perfectly paired interest rates you’ll pay your cash loans back in no time. So remember us this season for your holiday loans no credit check needed and your holiday loans for bad credit when you start making your lists and checking them twice. We will be here to give you the cash assistance to make this seasons’ festivities the best yet!

Apply now for our holiday loans and be better prepared than ever to take on this holiday season

Christmas loans

It’s that special time of year once again. The Christmas lists are flowing and the red and green decorations are beginning to take over every corner block in town. How prepared are you for the big holidays this Christmas? If you are thinking about ways to not put a whole in your bank account this year we have easy Christmas loans for the holidays that will help you fill up the bottom of your Christmas tree with ease for the holidays. Our Christmas loans are simple and easy to apply for and you have till next year even to start paying them back. With so many gifts to shop for and parties to attend taking out a Christmas loan could really lighten the strain on your pocket book this holiday. Take a moment, it’s free to apply, and let us help you make this years holiday experience one to remember.

Apply for your Christmas loans and be approved for some help with the holidays today

The convenience of Christmas loans is wonderful

Each year family and friends go out of their way researching on how to make the holidays even more enjoyable this year than the last. It’s a tradition that has been happening for years. Well this Christmas we have a loan option for you that’s easy and quick so you don’t have to deal with the mental stress of the shopping and spending. Have bad credit? That’s okay because this Christmas we can offer you Christmas loans for bad credit so you can enjoy all parts of this years holiday. Our Christmas loans are free to apply for and there are no requirements for you to apply. Whether you have little or no credit we can create you Christmas loans this year that will give you the ease and support you need to do all your holiday shopping with confidence. Don’t want the hassle of faxing or having to leave your home while the holidays are so hectic? That’s fine with us. Our Christmas loan application is online and accessible for everyone in need. The application takes 2 minutes and you’ll receive your Christmas cash within 1 hour of applying. Give yourself a break this Christmas time and let us get you some Christmas cash today.

Applying for and paying back our Christmas loans is easy

X-Mas is peaking just around the corner. Shops are preparing and so are the people to celebrate every day in December they can. The hustle and bustle is on and going out into the street you need a plan of action. Well with us there really is no planning to get the cash loan you need this Christmas. That’s because we do everything for you. We supply you with the one-time application online that takes you two minutes to complete. Once you complete your Christmas loan we will respond by email within the hour and you’ll have your cash loan for Christmas in minutes. It’s that quick and easy. Plus once the holidays calm down and you are able to get back to business with the New Year our leading lenders will have already created you the perfect payback plan. All of our Christmas loans for bad credit come with a payback plan you can trust will guide you every step of the way when it comes time to make your monthly payments. Our payments are low and flexible as well as our affordable interest rates. So you know you’re truly getting your moneys worth this year. Also never fear if you find yourself questioning your payment or you fall behind. Our lenders are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your service for all your cash loan needs guaranteed. Our Xmas loans are going to be a big hit in helping people like you that are just dying to make this Christmas one to remember. Let us be the lenders that help you in making this Christmas magical.

Apply right now it only takes 2 minutes and you can be approved for your Christmas Loans within minutes to start your holiday shopping early this year

Cash Advance NO Fax Required

Get approved instantly online and funded sameday or even within the hour. Our easy no fax required cash advances means a simple application and fair loan terms. Why spend all day filling out long tedious loan applications. Faxing back and forth is tedious and time consuming. That’s why here at 1 Call Loans we offer a cash advance with no fax required and the highest approval rates anywhere. Cash advances don’t have to be so difficult, you need your money now and you want a flexible low monthly payment schedule. That’s exactly what we get you a cash advance no fax required.

Apply now for a cash advance no fax required >

How fast are you cash advances with no fax required approved

No fax required cash advances are approved instantly online with no long forms or waiting. You need cash today and the last thing you want is another long form or more stress. We make it quick and easy to get the cash loan you need immediately. Faxing back and forth to get a cash advance loan is a thing of the past. Cash advance lenders need to adapt to their customer and provide fast and easy service. Today you have allot of different options to get a cash advance online. Lenders for cash advance are all over the internet, however we understand that so we make our process fast and easy. 1 Call Loans also provide the absolute best customer service ensuring this is a calm and enjoyable experience. A cash advance lender should be a helping hand during your time of need not send you through an endless maze of paperwork. Our cash advance application takes only 2 minute and is approved instantly online. That means you get the cash you need fast without the hassle of a traditional loan. We give you exactly what you need a cash advance no fax required and fair loan payment term with great customer service.

Can I get a no fax cash advance with bad credit?

Yes, Of course people with bad credit need cash advances to!
Here at we understand that bad credit doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible. Everyone makes the occasional credit mistake that’s why we offer a large variety of loan options and loan terms to ensure we have a good fit for everyone regardless of credit score or income. Here we have no credit checks and no income verification. We treat our customers like family, our great service and honest loan terms are why our clients come back time and time again whenever they’re in need. We make this easy and take out the unnecessary faxing, forms and the guesswork. We get you the fast and easy no fax cash advance you need. Why spend all day fill out forms when you can get the cash needed instantly and the best customer service anywhere.

How can I get a no fax required cash advance online

If you want a cash advance no fax required you’re in the right place we make getting funded fast and easy. We also guaranty loans with the best customer service and most flexible loan terms. That way we can suit a much broader variety of customer and their individual needs. We guaranty our loan options will exceed your expectations. Our no fax loans are often funded the same day with no credit check or income verification. Apply now to get your cash advance – no fax required online instantly

Financial Hardship Loans

Here at 1 Call Loans we understand that emergencies happen and we’re here to help with our fast and easy financial hardship loans. Get instant approval for emergency funds today. We have the lowest interest rates and highest acceptance rates anywhere. Why fill out long government loan forms or search online for short term options when you can have a long term solution now.
Apply now for financial hardship loans

What is a financial hardship loan

Financial hardship loans are instant approval loans intended to provide emergency funds to those in need regardless of credit or financial situation. A hardship loan can be used for any legal purpose and accepted and use without direct documentation or verification. Financial hardship loans are easy to get approved for and most people are funded the same day or in one hour.

Can I get approved for financial hardship loans with bad credit?

Yes, financial hardship loans are for all in need even people with bad credit

Instant approval financial hardship loans are for those in desperate need. They are approved with no employment verification and no income verification. These loan options provide financial assistance for people on hard times not just for people with high income and good credit. Here we understand that everyone has the occasional money problem or unexpected expense. That’s why we have these instant approval completely online loan options. These loan don’t require faxing or other documentation they are simple a loan to help you through a financial hardship.

What are the monthly payments on hardship loans

The monthly loan payments vary between loan to loan and from person to person depending on a multitude of various applicable factors. However, these loans provide instant financial relief and flexible terms. You can apply for the loan term you find most suitable. For a smaller loan you may only need 3 months however a larger financial hardship loan may require a 3 year term. These flexible monthly loan payment terms are in order to ensure your payments fit comfortably into your budget and means a reduced rates of late payments and a higher rate of successful loan payment. The length of the loan is going to have the most direct influence on your monthly loan payments. These loans are for emergency purposes so interest rates are kept low for convenience. However obviously a loan over a 3 month term will have a higher monthly payment than a loan stretched over 3 years.

You can be instantly approved online for a financial hardship loan today so apply now These loans also include direct 1 on 1 customer service ensuring the best overall funding experience. We provide the most intuitive online interface and fast and simple application with no headaches. That’s why once a 1 Call Loans customer always a 1 Call Loans customer.

12 month payday loans

You want the instant approval of a payday loan but a full year to pay it back comfortably. You also want to get flexible terms and low interest rates. That’s why we offer 12 month payday loans. They provide an instant approval loan option like a payday loan. However, 12 month payday loans also provide a full year to pay them back, low interest rate, and easy loan terms. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Get approved instantly for 12 month payday loans >

12 month payday loans information

12 month loans are a mixture of both the benefits of an installment loan and a payday loan. That means all the benefits and flexibility of a long term loan with the speed and ease of approval of a pay day loan. This hybrid allows us to provide the absolute best available option to client of any credit level looking for a fast 12 month loan.

How fast are 12 month payday loans

12 month payday loans are instant online approval loans. You can get funded for a 12 month payday loan in less than 1 hour. You approval can be instantaneous. The majority of 12 month loans require no guarantor or and no faxing. So you can complete the entire process immediately online. To get funded today apply now to your right >.

How do they compare to regular payday loans

Traditional pay day loans have high interest rates and strict aggressive loan terms. However, due to a much higher rates of successful loan payment 12 month payday loans have much lower interest rates and significantly better loan terms than the shorter alternative. Payday loans may also withdraw funds directly from your checking account whereas 12 month loans allow you make payments comfortably at your own pace. This means it’s easier to repay even with a lower income or for people on benefits. The higher loan payment rates are attributed to the ease of repayment. Thus allowing for reduced interest rates, higher approval rates, larger loans, and more flexible monthly loan payments.

Do you have 12 month payday loans for bad credit

We specialize in getting fair loans to people with bad credit. In these tough economic times everyone struggles occasionally. Simply needing a little help does not make someone irresponsible or untrustworthy. We’re one of the few lenders that understands and provide bad credit 12 month payday loans. Here at 1 Call Loans we believe in fair interest rates and simple terms. That’s why our clients come back time and time again.

How do I get a 12 month loan ?

Simply apply now using the form on the upper right. You can get approved instantly for a 12 month payday loan just apply now on the top right hand corner of the page. We guarantee the bet service, most loan options, and best rates available anywhere.

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Quick and easy loans

You want to get approved for a loan instantly, funded in an hour, have affordable payments and get low rates. You also need a lender that caters to their clients with both fair loans and great customer service. Well you’re in the right place 1 Call Loans gets you the quick and easy loans you’re looking for with low interest rates and spectacular terms. Our quick easy loans and fast easy loan application are what keeps customers coming back again and again.

To get funded for a quick and easy loan apply now >

Why choose us ?

Quick and easy loans , it’s that simple we get you the loan you want and make the whole process bearable. Most lenders force clients to jump through hoop after hoop but we understand that you have allot of options. We’re not the only place offering fast easy loans. So we make sure getting a loan from us is fast and easier than anywhere else. Most banks and direct lenders have all but forgotten about customer service and client experience all together, but 1 Call Loans hasn’t. Not only do we offer the best rates and simplest terms we also make this process enjoyable so our clients come back anytime they need a little help.

What are the features of quick easy loans

  • No faxing
  • No credit check
  • No verification
  • No teletrack
  • Direct Lenders
  • Bad credit accepted
  • Unemployed Accepted
  • On disability Accepted
  • No credit Accepted
  • People on Benefits OK

What are the terms of quick and easy loans

Quick and easy loans are simply that, quick easy loans! There is no hassle, no faxing, no run around, no credit check, no stress. Just a fast application, easy approval, and fair payment schedule that fits your budget. The idea is to get you approved quickly for an easy loan you actually like so that you come back time and time again whenever you’re in need of financial assistance. We understand that there are always unforeseen financial circumstances and the occasional month when you just can’t pay your bills no matter how hard you try. We here now to help and we’ll always be here to help. We’ll make getting the loan you need fast and easy. That’s the 1 Call Loans guarantee to put the customer first and ensure you get a quick and easy loan you like that you can comfortably afford. That’s why our clients always come back!

What are the benefits of quick easy loans

Quick easy loans are usually approved instantly online. These fast easy loans are also usually funded in 1 hour. Our easy loan guarantee means you’ll get simple terms conditions you understand and have time to review all the information about the loan to make sure its 100% affordable. We also provide our award winning customer service ensuring that you enjoy the entire process from start to finish!

So apply to get approved now for a quick and easy loan

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12 month cash loans

1 Call Loans offers the absolute best 12 month cash loans available anywhere. Here we understand you need cash today but you also need a reasonable amount of time to time to pay it back. We make getting cash loans quick and easy so you can get on with your life. We offer 12 month loans with no credit checks and our 12 month loans have no fees or faxing required. We understand that times are tough so we make getting through it easy.

Simply apply now for 12 month cash loans >

Why 12 month cash loans ?

Well our 12 month loans have no fees. Which means you can apply right now to your right, absolutely free. Our fast application takes only 2 minutes and provide instant approval online, you can even get your loan in just 1 hour. Our 12 month cash loans also offer lower interest rates and flexible terms for all of our clients regardless of poor credit or financial situation. Here we understand that occasionally everyone needs a little help. So we make get a loan fast and easy and provide reasonable payments and honest interest rates with a full 12 months to repay at your own pace. In these tough financial times them last thing you need is another problem so we make it easy to get an instant unsecured cash loan.

Can you get 12 month loans with bad credit

Yes, We specialize in 12 month loans for bad credit. We make it easy to apply and even easier to get approved. Many lenders look only at your credit score but we understand. Plus with small comfortable payments and a full 12 months to repay the loan people of all credit levels in any financial situation can easily and affordably payback this type of loan. Lenders not only look at your personal credit but also the type of loan to determine the risk and associated interest rates and monthly payment. With a loan this long it’s easy to get approved and convenient to payback on any budget.

Do you have 12 month loans with no credit check

1 Call Loans performs no credit checks. We don’t pull a hard credit check on any of our clients for 12 month cash loans or any other loans. With 12 month loans there’s no guarantor or teletrack. Instead, we build relationships with our clients and secure them the best loans available anywhere online so it’s easy to payback. That’s why our clients rarely miss payments and almost always come back. 1 Call Loans treats every customer like family regardless of their credit score.

Use the form at the top right to apply now for 12 month cash loans

1 year payday loans

If you need a instant approval payday loan but you also need a full year to pay it back you’ve come to the right place. When looking for 1 year payday loans there are a few things to consider. You have to take into account your monthly loan payments, payday loan interest rates, and the payday loans terms and conditions. We make all of this fast and easy to ensure you get an easy 1 year long payday loan with the lowest interest rates, lowest fees, and best most flexible terms available. 1 Call Loans makes getting a loan fast and easy!

Apply now for 1 year payday loans >

How long do you have to pay back a payday loan

In the case of 1 year payday loans of course you have 1 full year to pay back the loan.
However, with other types of payday loans this can vary. Some pay day loans are as short as 30 days or even 2 weeks. We understand paying back a loan that quickly can be difficult especially for those on a budget so we provide longer term loan options. Providing a long term loan option allows for clients to get lower interest rates and larger loan amounts.

Why are 1 year payday loans better ?

Long term payday loans like 1 year payday loans allow us to not only provide larger loan amounts but also lower rates. Usually the size and length of the loan is proportional to its interest rates. For example car loans tend to have higher rates than a mortgage because a loan for a car is usually a smaller loan and over a shorter period like 2 years to 4 years. Whereas a mortgage loan is usually larger than a car loan and over a longer period like 30 or 40 years. This is why mortgages tend to have much lower interest rates than a car note, because home loans are a larger longer term loan options. This is the same reason longer term payday loans can provide larger loan amounts and significantly lower interest rates. To take advantage of the benefits of a larger longer term loan simply apply now to your right. —>

How are your 1 year payday loans interest rates so much lower than other direct lenders ?

1 Call Loans can offer clients significantly lower interest rates for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is we have the most options and therefore can find a low interest loan that fits your personal financial situation even for people with bad credit or poor credit. That’s also why we have some of the highest approval rates in the nation. The low interest rates for our 1 year payday loans specifically are due to a high rate of repayment. When lenders choose interest rates they look at the risk of non-payment, which in layman’s terms is the likelihood you will not pay back the loan. Most of our loans have no credit checks, but in additions to your credit lenders also look at the structure of the loan. Short term high interest loans have a much higher rate of failure. If you didn’t have enough money to pay your bills this month, why would a lender expect you to have enough plus even more and interest next month. By providing a slow and easy repayment over one year. It’s much easier for a client to successfully and comfortable fit loan payments into just about any budget. So do to the high rate of successful repayment of this type of loan lower interest rates can be assessed to the client regardless of bad credit or financial situation.

To apply for 1 year payday loans apply now at the top right of the page

Cash loans low interest

Finding cash loans with low interest rates used to be such a hassle. You had to fill out form after form just to view a high rate you couldn’t afford or didn’t want to afford . Just because you need a loan doesn’t give s lender the right to take advantage of you, no matter how bad your credit score is. We believe in truthful terms and agreeable rates. We thinks it’s high time a loan institution finally stood on their principals. It’s time for a lender that actually helps their clients not just puts out commercials saying that they do. The time of the loan shark is over. People want more and we think our clients deserve more.

Apply for a fast cash loan low interest rate option now >

How are your cash loans with low interest rates structured

It’s really quite simple actually. You fill out 1 fast and easy form and can be approved for a low interest rate cash loan instantly. No hassles and you can review your loan payments and interest rate instantly online with no faxing required. That way you can see you loan interest rate and your weekly / monthly loan payment structure to make sure this is going to fit cleanly into your budget. We offer cash loan opportunities even for bad credit so interest rates will vary from person to person. However, the rates we get for our clients even with bad credit are far more competitive than excruciating credit card payments or other online cash loans.

Cash loans low interest rate options

1 Call Loans believes in fair loans and low rates. We build a long term loan relationship with out customers. In an effort to satisfy all requests we have a range of financing and loan repayment options available for all fiscal needs and financial situations. This ensures our unique ability to provide our clients with a low rate and easy loan payment terms that fit comfortably into their lifestyle. The last thing you need is a high interest loan you’ll regret accepting later. You want a cash loan you can use for any purpose, you want to be funded instantly and you demand a fair interest rate. Our cash loans low interest rate options provide not only some of the most relaxed approval requirements but also fast funding and sparkling customer service throughout the entire process.

How do I apply for a low interest rate cash loan

Cash loans loan interest programs are available immediately. Simply apply now with the form on the upper right corner of the page. Get you low interest cash loan now

Faxless payday loan

Faxless payday loan
Instant funding for faxless payday loan. Don’t spend all day rifling through documents getting a faxless payday loan should be easy and not it is. We funnel down the whole process to less the 5 minutes and most are funding in under 1 hour.

Apply now for a faxless payday loan

When only a faxless payday loan will do

A faxless payday loan isn’t just about last of a fax machine. A faxless payday loan is about speed and convenience. With 1 Call Loans you get both and you won’t have to sacrifice a low interest rate to get either. We make payday loans quick and easy no matter your fiscal shortcomings or previous bad credit mishaps. People with bad credit are people too, they should be able to get the loan they need regardless. Now obviously if you have terrible credit a faxless payday loan may carry a slightly higher interest rate. However, even with bad credit you’re better off here than to have to suffer through the ridiculously high interest rate options elsewhere. Remember a good low interest short term loan is almost always a better choice than high interest credit cards.

Faxless payday loan terms

Loan terms vary from person to person however we have faxless payday loan options that provide low interest rates, funding in as little as 1 hour, and long term repayment schedules when necessary. Many faxless loans especially faxless payday loans expect you to immediately repay them the same month sometime the next week. For some people that works and we have that option available. However for some a full repayment can’t happen next week or even next month. We provide a multitude of diverse and flexible loan and payment scheduling options guaranteeing you an options that will work into your monthly expenses. Some lenders will take money right out of your account. We let you choose a payment option that works for you. That’s the difference here at 1 Call Loans a customer’s happiness comes first that’s why our customers come back.

How can I get started with a faxless payday loan

Well your already here. You found the absolute best place to get started. Use the form on the upper right to Immediately apply for a faxless payday loan. Don’t forget we’re here to help so if you need any funding in the future don’t be afraid to come back. We guarantee the second time around will be just as fast and easy as the first time was.

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