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Interest Rate Options

People with poor credit and no credit can even review their personal interest rates before accepting a loan. That way you know you can afford your loan.

Installment Term Loans

We want you to get a loan you can afford whether that’s a short or long term loan. Review how much you want to pay and accept a loan to fit your budget. Direct lenders offer long term installment loan options.

Loans customized for you

Loan length, loan terms, interest rates, and monthly loans payments are only a few of the flexible loan options a direct lender can offer to meet your exact needs.

Flexible Payment

A loan should fit your monthly budget that’s why we help you accept your loan. After you apply, a lender will help you accept the perfect loan.

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Online Application

Bad credit and even No credit applicants can instantly apply online
We wont let bad credit or no credit keep you from getting a great loan

Why let other direct lenders tell you what to pay or settle for a bad payday loan. Short and long term unsecured personal loans are available online. 1 Call Loans will also let you choose whether you accept your own direct loan so you can get the ideal financial instrument that fits your income and schedule. We know you want low interest rates and an easy online application across all credit levels. You want flexible long term installment loans and no credit check can stop you from getting a loan. This website doesn't care about your credit score, bad credit, even no credit is okay. Bank loans don't have to be a struggle let us help you get a perfect loan that works exactly the way you want it to. Only direct lenders can choose interest rates and craft the exact loan you need now!

Apply today and get cash online now, funds avaiable as soon as the next business day. Using our quick and easy loan application you'll get the credit you need. Then a direct lender will help you go over the interest rates and terms of your perfect loan.

Recent Clients

We fight everyday to help our clients in any situation
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Valentina Abrams

San Francisco, California
Val needed a personal loan with no guarantor for students. She had no true income because she was a student living on grants. We were still able to design a solution for valentina’s situation with payments that followed her grant schedule.
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Trenton Webber

Coral Springs, Florida
Trenton had no credit so he needed a no credit check loan & because he was a member of a local band his income was impossible to verify. We were still able to help him using our unemployment loan options.
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Abigail Belle

Brooklyn, New York
Abigail is an Instagram creator so her income was sporadic mainly from features and sponsorship deals. Her finance specialist help craft a long term installment loan with a flex pay option to fit her income structure.
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Edison Chen

Los Angeles, California
Edison is an entrepreneur who at the time owned a small retail location in LA & needed financing to help expand his business. He created his own loans by combing parts of an unsecured personal loan with aspects of a small business loan to make the perfect solution.


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